IT|Lynk offers several packages for businesses requiring experienced consulting for their IT needs. All strategic packages include different degrees of interview sessions/assessments and findings reviews, depending on the scope and scale of business.

All services provide Peace of Mind due to included:

  1. Assessment

  2. MS and VMware Compliant Licensing Cheaper than In-House

  3. Maintenance, Monitoring and Support

  4. Optimization as observed

  5. Silver Support – Email only


Disaster Recovery as a Service

IT|Lynk offers disaster recovery services to businesses in worst case IT scenarios. We provide 5TB blocks of onsite SAN appliances, as well as offering network replication of data and virtual machines within our data center in 5TB blocks.

We offer capacity to our customers for best effort turn up, and we provide VPN or VLAN connections.

We provide peace of mind to our customers through redundant computing in secondary data centers for 20% of the fully provisioned virtual machine!

Peace of Mind due to included:

  1. On site STOR|LYNK SAN appliance 5TB blocks
  2. Network replication of data and virtual machines to data center infrastructure in 5TB blocks
  3. Capacity available for best effort turn up in data center
  4. VPN or VLAN connection

Peace of Mind due to available:

  1. Redundant computing in Secondary data center for 20% of fully provisioned virtual machine!

Platform as a Service

IT|Lynk PaaS offerings provide customer VLAN security and offer virtual desktops hosted onsite at customer locations or within our hosted secondary data centers.

Through IT|Lynk’s hosted secondary data center, we provide redundancy for customer computing devices, and customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for every day of the year.

Peace of Mind due to included:

  1. Very secure – on customer’s VLAN

Peace of Mind due to Available:

  1. Virtual Desktops
  2. On customer premise OR IT|LYNK Data Center(s)
  3. SAN Replication to Secondary Data Center!
  4. Redundant Compute at Secondary Data Center!
  5. Support 24x7x365

PaaS For Virtual Desktops

Our PaaS offering extends to virtual desktops, adding a number of valuable services of our customers. Platform as a Service for Virtual Desktops includes access to Microsoft Windows via VMWare Horizon View and VMWare Horizon View Manager.

Clients may access their virtual desktops via thin clients, minimizing the physical space required at customer locations and decreasing the need for constant hardware upgrades. Monitors for thin clients are available clear, consistent desktop viewing with minimal power usage required.

Peace of Mind due to included:

  1. Microsoft Windows Desktop OS!
  2. VMware Horizon View
  3. VMware Horizon View Manager!
  4. Thin Clients
  5. Monitors

Peace of Mind due to Available:

  1. GPUs for high performance 3D rendering and shading!

IT as a Service

IT|Lynk offers IT as a Service through our convenient Packaged Virtual Desktop. This package includes a client-specific configuration of hardware (thin clients, monitors), as well as a client-specific configuration of software. Available software includes your specific Microsoft desktop operating system, Microsoft Office Pro, Microsoft Exchange, industry-standard anti-virus suite, VMWare, VDI client.

IT as a Service also includes industry-leading Cisco routers and virtual server configurations, as well as continuous backups and options for disaster recovery failover, support of customer-owned devices (legacy systems), and available VOIP.

Peace of Mind due to included:

  1. Packaged Virtual Desktop
    1. Hardware Included: Thin Clients, Monitors
    2. Software Included: MS Desktop OS, MS Office Pro, MS Exchange, Anti-Virus, VMware and VDI Client
  2. Cisco Router(s)
  3. Virtual Server(s)
  4. Continuous Backups
  5. Disaster Recovery Fail-Over
  6. Support of Customer Owned Devices
  7. Available VOIP